The creator of Silent as a Mouse


Name –  Latasha Davida, 36 years old,

Southern born and raised I love my family and friends they’re an extension of who I am also I am a quiet person who keeps to herself in other words I don’t speak my mind very often. I think that’s why I write and read so much.

Birth Place – Birmingham, Alabama

I have Cerebral Palsy but that didn’t stop me from getting my high school diploma and coming out with a 3.0 G.P.A in 2003, I’m a sensitive person, whose love of family keeps her going, I’m the baby of 3 girls. And, I’m the auntie of 2 Nieces, 2 Nephews I became a Great Auntie in the spring of 2018. Yes, I’m blessed, I discovered my talent for poetry in 2001 the first poem I wrote was ”I AM” but I have actually been writing since 7. As for, My love of reading that didn’t happen until I read Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou  That’s where my love for books started, My two favorite authors are Carl Weber and Keisha Ervin.

 My Favorite Color is PINK

When I was younger, It was purple now I can I barely even look at the color. Lol, I didn’t even like grape soda anymore.

My Favorite Foods- Chicken And Shrimps

I’m a southern girl, I don’t eat all soul food but doesn’t love chicken DELICIOUS! Sometimes I think that I’m going to grow wings one day. Lol

My Favorite Music – R&B

I have always enjoyed listening to love songs, my two favorite artists right now are Melanie Fiona and Demetria McKinney thanks to Pandora, I’m now in love with the R&B group H.E.R.

I love watching  Netflix and talking on the phone. But lately, I have been glued to my iPad enjoying time to myself let me stop right here because it’s starting feel like, I’m doing a dating profile for a website. My goal for this blog is  to post a book review immediately after finishing the book before I start another book.

– Please enjoy your tour of my blog Silent as a Mouse –